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For four straight days Pferd International Munich, southern Germany’s largest equine festival, offers nothing short of the highest level of competition, and a continuous top caliber performance from within the horse world is expected.

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World famous dressage specialists will compete yet again at Pferd International Munichs famous NÜRNBERGER Dressur Arena to begin.

The qualification to the NÜRNBERGER Burgpokal at Pferd International München goes back tens of years as a tradition and captures thousands of visitors every year to the event. Through this the arena has built a worthy network of success for the winners almost all go on to successful large dressage competition.

Performance of highest perfection will be shown within dressage of CDI5* level: Grand Prix, Grand Prix Spezial und Grand Prix Kür will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Also , the CDI3* level will show riders in the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special classes.

In the CDI1* level, there will take place a “Prix St. Georges” and an “Intermédiaire I”.

A very attractive competition for joung talents, the Piaff-Förderpreis (Preis der Liselott-Schindling-Stiftung), will take place on Saturday and Sunday ( Kl. S***). The qualified participants are riders up to the age of 25, currently growing into the world of international dressage sport.

Among other things, the FRB will be hosting two national finals of dressage classes. The  FRB Tour „Don’t Worry – Be Happy“ – Final ( Kl. M** & Kl. S **).

“Stars von Morgen” is a new national series for dressage riders (Kl. S***).



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Within the jumping arena competitors can obtain World Ranking Points in 4  highly ranked classes. The “Grand Prix” held on the Sunday has been traditionally known as the most difficult of all the classes, takes place in two separate rounds and hereby greatly builds anticipation and excitement amongst the crowd.

The event over a course of four days,  features a CSI1*, CSI3*, the CSIYoungster as well as the CSI Munich Trophy (an amateur tour component ) offers the visitors a broad depth of showcasing talent in all levels of the jumping world. As a novelty, 4 national show jumping classes for riders with a handicap will take place in the international show jumping arena of Munich- Riem.


Equestrian Vaulting

Voltigier Bild VTS

An equestrian spectacle of vaulting takes place on the Thursday of the tournament in the Olympia Riding Ring, as vaulters compete on the backs of their beautifully moving horses in an art form of it’s own kind. Vaulters compete here while also working towards the German National Championship and Junior Championships.




Working Equitation

Working Equitation 20130651

A very special highlight of Equine International Munich European Championsip, features the Working Equitation Class that initially stems from the Iberian Peninsula and which has quickly become a favourite amongst German competitors.

The versatile sport of Working Equitation gets its origin dating back to the traditional European form of riding.
The agricultural work with the use of the horse for herding animals calls on obedience, skillfullness and oversight as part of the main components of the task. These attributes are called upon for the Working Equitation class and have to be displayed in each specific discipline.

Through progression of the industrial world, working cavalry has reduced over time even though this art is still practiced in some parts of Europe. The Working Equitation Class preserves this piece of European culture while proving extremely technically difficult at the expert level. Klick here to get to the website of the Working Equitation World Championship

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