A colourful and newly designed show program with over 40 horse breeds attracted even 2019 thousands of visitors in the large Olympic equestrian Stadium.

Traditionally, there is something new at the Pferd International Munich every year. Georg Bacher, from the leading Zach Valley and Claus Luber are two old hands when it comes to the driving sport with great shows. Extra for the Pferd International Munich they will perform new spectacular horse carriage shows.

A true highlight in the exhibition program: Andreas Maurus of Germany who will run his ten strong through the Olympic Stadium and therefore will make the ground shake and hearts race as spectators can cheer him on. For many years, the Allgäu ten harnessed train belongs to the highlights of each exhibition for Pferd International Munich.

Whether Shetlands or Frisian horses, cold-blooded animals or hot – many horse breeds will be performing at this spectacle.

When Artur Nieberle enters the stadium with his ponies, not only the children are amazed. The stunts and showmanship of this attraction are always among the highlights of each program. The ponies in  costumes and igniting all  imagination, leave no wishes unfulfilled.

Tempo, skill and technique are exhibited when the racing pony riders at the mounted games will be performed in the large stadium. Horse and ponies will gallop at high speeds  while performing skill and pop-up games. The riders are between 14 and 30 years old from various Bavarian Clubs, ride their four-legged friends without spurs or whips. Each team will do its best to earn points for the Team Championship.

The Bavarian principal and state stud of Schwaiganger will be on site once again with the best apprentices and trainers in which will give an insight into the “Farmer” dream job both in theory and practice. Even those who would like to buy a horse at Pferd International Munich will have their opportunity!

Many more highlights for next years show program are in the making!

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